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Corporate Profile

Gokulanand has made a strong impact in the market for its creativity and offering
speciality products for melt Spinning & Yarn processing. Gokulanand is currently one of the biggest manufacturing house of Air Tex yarn (ATY) In India.“GOKULANAND”, the fibre division of Aalidhra Group of companies was started in 1992.  We currently have an installed capacity of 73,000 MT of partially oriented yarn (POY), 73,000 MT of Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), 55000 MT of Draw Textured yarn (DTY) and 55,000 MT of Air textured yarn (ATY) Per Annum & Polyester Continuous Polymerisation Plant of 600 MT /Day capacity. We also have capability to deliver Technical Textile Yarns for industrial usage.

Gokulanand is pioneer in offering Specialty Yarns and Customized Yarns.Since its inception, Gokulanand Group is known for its reliability in terms of prices, product quality, and delivery commitments. We offer a wide range of products, each providing our customers the best value for their money. Gokulanand has the widest range & assortment of yarns available in the industry. We are committed for global recognition by manufacturing high quality yarns. We sense the need of innovation required in the end products and keep developing new products to lead the market and fulfill our esteem customer’s requirement. We offer wide range of products with wide denier range to capture market. Gokulanand is the biggest manufacturing house of ATY yarn. Gokulanand has designed and developed Indegeneously Air Texturising machine and Crape Textured machine under the leadership of Deepak Gondalia  and these machines are  manufactured by Aalidhra Engineering division. Gokulanand is first in India to design and develop its Indigenous Continuous Polymerization Plant under the leadership of Deepak Gondalia.

Group Profile

AALIDHRA Group commenced its business in the year 1975 in manufacturing Textile machinery.Gokulanand is wholly owned subsidiary of Aalidhra which commenced its business in 1992. The group has grown exponentially since its incorporation.

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At Gokulanand We Offer

Technically Driven Management

Management is technically driven, with having technocrats at top management who are pioneer into textile machinery manufacturing and Yarn Texturising.

ISO Certified

Gokulanand is known for its quality and have got the ISO certificate for manufacturing quality products with set bench mark.

Largest supplier of ATY

GOKULANAND is one of the biggest house of ATY in India with wide range of products and also having major share in manufacturing speciality yarns and customized products

Trend Setter

We are known for our customized yarn products and speciality yarn which caters to trending fashion.


“To be globally recognized as a well established brand for textile yarns and technical textile yarns”


• We strive to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed Customer Technical service that together, deliver premium value to our customers.
• Our mission is to progressively develop competitive niche markets while maintaining the highest standards.
• To provide 100% customer satisfaction and fulfill customized needs.
• Our commitment is to provide consistently high quality products meeting high standards through rigid quality control set up.

We Believe

• In complete transparent policies with Customers, Suppliers and Team.
• In buying and selling products with best quality having competitive price.

Milestone and Achievemnt

Gokulanand name goes synonymous with creativity and Speciality yarn. The Journey of Gokulanand has been remarkable till date.
1992: In 1992 Gokulanand Texturisers Pvt. Ltd a yarn processing unit (Palsana Unit), was formed with the vision to serve textile industries globally. Its capacity has increased gradually and now we are producing 55000 MTPA.
1995: Figuring out the growth potential of Air Textured yarn, Gokulana-nd took initiative in developing Air Texturising machinery with having all yarn technical specification know how and successfully developed best quality low cost machines that were customer as well as environment friendly jointly with its parent company Aalidhra ( Machinery Manufact – uring Unit) and same machinery were installed and its operations started in 1995.
2003: Ultimately the plan was laid to integrate backwardly by installing a melt Spinning plant, which was first commissioned in year 2003. The phased expansion of the same  has made it the largest plant in Gujarat.
2012: The success did ignite the idea of setting up the first indigenous polymerization plant, an idea never thought of before. The same Con – tinous Polymerisation Plant has been successfully commissioned at Gokulanand since August 2012.
2015: Later in 2015, Gokulanand had setup its FDY plant having capac-ity of 73000 MTPA and with the facilities of doped dyed yarn manufact-uring Having decades of textile experience and market exposure, Goku-lanand expertise have same enthusiasm and energy and are always churning out new ideas and concepts, so that industrial growth becom-es a never ending process at Gokulanand.