Creatively leading Textile Yarn Company

GOKULANAND name goes synonymous with Creativity and Speciality yarn products. “GOKULANAND”, the fibre division of Aalidhra Group of companies was started in 1992


Well Organized R & D

Gokulanand has well organized R&D
centre which helps in development of
yarn processing and speciality prod –
ucts making it an ongoing process so
that we can produce the best quality
yarn to fulfill industry demands


Well Equipped Lab

Gokulanand has well equipped lab
with latest instruments like Spintrek,
Sta-timet Mi, Viscometer, Color lab,
etc and latest technology which cat –
ers to requirements of experiments
to be performed to carry out all our
business activities.


Customised Product Design

Gokulanand is known for its capability
of developing speciality products and
also for developing customized prod –
ucts as per customers design.


ISO 9001:2015

Gokulanand is ISO 9001:2015 certi –
fied company which means that we
have dedicated ourselves to uphol –
ding world-class specifications for
every product and system that we
produce, ensuring quality, safety
and efficiency.

About Us

Gokulanand has made a strong impact in the market for its creativity and offering speciality products for melt Spinning & Yarn processing. Gokulanand is currently one of the biggest house of Air Tex yarn (ATY) in India.“GOKULANAND”, the fibre division of Aalidhra Group of companies was started in 1992. It is an integral part of Aalidhra Group of companies, which itself is the pioneer & market leader in manufacturing Textile machinery

Our Products



Global Footprint

Not only in India we have stretched our wing internationally to promote our products worldwide. We are exporting our core products and speciality yarns to countries around the globe